How to Become a Proofreader at Home and Make Money as a Freelancer

become a proofreader at homeDaily, loads of information come our way. In fact, whatever we do consists of bumping into content. Funny or serious, involving or entertaining – the messages seem to be everywhere and we can’t escape them. With over 1,329,700,000 websites available as of February 2018, and 65,000 Google searches per second, it’s quite easy to get lost in the data stream. And for those who produce any kind of content, it becomes harder to stand out in the crowd.

That’s why the list of specialists who need the help of proofreaders is rather wide: writers, lawyers, businessmen, bloggers, news reporters, students, etc. Everyone who writes to reach an audience needs a competent proofreader, as top-quality content is always appreciated. Clumsy wording can confuse readers, whereas meaningful and smart expressions, on the contrary, will involve and motivate them.

Hence, the experts who can improve text in terms of sentence structure, clarity, and flow are in high demand. In 2016, the number of employed editors and proofreaders in the U.S. alone totaled more than 100,000 people, with the mean hourly rate between $19.06 and $31.77.

For this very reason, getting a job as a proofreader is another favorable option for job seekers. What’s more, working on a freelance basis will allow you to not only get a flexible schedule, but also make decent money.

What proofreading qualification is important for getting the position?

There’s always a percentage of people who don’t have a degree in linguistics. This fact alone makes them beginners in this profession. However, their language competence is often high enough to find errors in the content. Just a bit of study, time, and practice will turn a freshman into an expert.

If you are determined to deal with proofreading professionally, select a suitable course for proofreaders and take it. For instance, Udemy, SFEP, Universal Class, Coursera, and others offer various online courses in proofreading and copyediting. By choosing one of them, you can improve your knowledge and proofreading skills online. Such courses are basically short, but they are likely to increase your competence significantly. Shortly after that, your Google search will turn from “proofreading jobs online no experience” to “competent proofreader is ready to assist.”

Proofreading jobs for beginners – what to start with?

The offers for novices and mature proofreaders are numerous. You will easily find a suitable position. Your search is likely to bring you to a list of top companies within your location which are ready to hire experts on a remote basis. Send your CV to a couple of them and you will be able to choose the offer that suits you most.

As a remote proofreader, you are most likely to be self-employed. This means you will work as much time as you can allocate. Over time, you will get more and more orders. So, we recommend to prioritize them. This way you will be able to have them well-organized, always meet deadlines, and improve your time management skills.

Therefore, if you want to become a proofreader at home, you should:

  • choose the area you want to specialize in.
  • make sure your knowledge is sufficient enough—otherwise, you should take training courses.
  • apply for a job opening that suits you most.
  • be ready for new career opportunities and challenges.

Still not sure if you are cut out for a job as a proofreader?

You are not alone, as many promising specialists underestimate their skills. If you never did this kind of job before, complete an online test for proofreaders. It’s a quick and effective way to check your competence and identify your strong and weak points. Fill the gaps in your knowledge by taking some training courses. Sign up for workshops, watch lectures, and complete practical tasks.

Be vigorous and prepare for a challenge. Proofreading content online can bring you everything you want from an ideal job: satisfaction, convenience, and a fair income. Ready to seize the opportunity? Join our large community of freelance editors and proofreaders right away.