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We offer

  • Payments twice a month
  • Ability to regulate the workload
  • Competitive salary
  • Free registration
  • Flexible working day
  • Free choice of your work place
  • Choice of spheres of your interest
  • Free introductory training
  • Helpful Support Team

We require

  • Advanced knowledge of English
  • Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • Working experience in editing or translation is a big plus
  • Experience with Google Docs is also a plus
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Managerial skills

Proofreader Responsibilities

Check & Correct

  • Make sure text corresponds to the given instructions.
  • Make sure paper is properly structured.
  • Make sure there are no grammar or stylistic mistakes.
  • Make sure paper is neatly formatted.

Editor Responsibilities


  • Show changes you've made and highlight typical mistakes.
  • Give an evaluation and point out what level the writer is at.

Additional editor responsibilities

  • Distribute orders among the writers of your group and give feedback to each of them.
  • Overall, manage the work among your group: deadlines, workload, progress, etc.

Interested in Freelance Writing and Editing? Join Our Team!

Writing is the most basic skill you learn at school, so you should know how difficult it might be to see your own mistakes in the text. However, when checking somebody else's work, you can see all the mistakes glaring at you. Moreover, English is your favorite subject and so getting A’s was no big deal for you. Right? Then you are the person we need!

We are an international freelance writing agency with writers from all over the world. We offer freelance writing jobs to anyone with great writing skills, good English knowledge and a deep understanding of at least one area of study. The quality of their writing is far more important to us than their geographical location. Our writers are brilliant at what they do, and they are good researchers, but English is not necessarily their native language. Their work can contain certain irregularities that need to be found and corrected. For that, we want you to join our team as an editor, to help polish their writing!

Editors help us deliver outstanding work to our clients, but we also want our writers to develop professionally. That’s why we are looking for teachers who can help each freelance writer who joins our team to improve their grammar, develop their own style and learn how to write better papers in general. Become a mentor with our company to help writers get accustomed to their responsibilities, learn some writing strategies and become more efficient in their job.

We endeavor to combine freelance writing and editing to provide our clients with even more qualified assistance. That is why we are looking for qualified editors and mentors, as well as aspiring writers. If all of this criteria applies to you, then register with our service and join our team of professionals!

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