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Currently there's a vacancy of an editor in our company. The successful candidate for editor will work with English texts. Writing topics vary from technical and business English to literature and the fine arts. Decide what areas appeal to you!

The working process involves receiving the text and making needed corrections. After that, we send the order to the customer. The process is as simple as that! The most important consideration is that your translating skills will be of practical use for the position of editor.

Minimum requirements lead to maximum possibilities!

To cope with an editor's responsibilities, you don't necessarily need to have experience in this area. It's enough to be willing to develop your linguistic skills.

Our requirements are few:

  • Advanced English Writing Skills
  • Degree in Linguistics\Translation\ International Economics
  • Experience in translating
  • Being a responsible, capable, and creative person

Experience you acquire in editing will significantly increase your professional level and improve your creative skills.

Working remotely is a perfect way to manage your time.

If you already know what working as a remote translator is all about, there's every chance that the English texts editor position will suit you well. We offer flexible, out-of-office working hours. Feel free to choose any convenient time and place to complete the text assignments.

Each specialist chooses how many texts he can complete within a specified time period. The number varies between 15-20 texts per week. The length of each text is about 2-3- pages.

To help you master editing, we created a one-week tuition-free course that covers the rules for text formatting and editing in various styles. Detailed consultation from a personal supervisor will guide you in how to use the personal cabinet on our website. This is a great opportunity to get theoretical knowledge without any personal investment other than time. Who knows? Editing may turn out to be your calling!

We guarantee a fair wage, paid twice per month. Are you completing more than the average number of orders? Enjoy bonuses!

Don't waste time! Send your resume to our company today. We will consider it and contact you soon.

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