Learn More About An Editor’s Responsibilities

Jobsforeditors.com is a company that provides assistance with completing English texts for a great number of people. The topics and formats of the orders we work on vary; however, our quality of assistance is always superb.

We’re currently looking for someone to fill an editor’s position at our company. Here are the basic details of what the job involves, and the benefits we have to offer.

Proofreading texts and correcting grammar and stylistic mistakes are the most common tasks associated with the position. For this reason, Advanced English is a key requirement. Also, an ability to simplify clumsy wording with more effective phrases is a vital skill that every professional editor needs to have.

Having a degree is not a primary criterion, but candidates with a degree in Linguistics, Translating or International Economics stand a better chance of beating the competition and gaining an editor’s position at our company. Having specific knowledge in other areas in addition to excellent English language skills will help you deal with required texts. We gladly note that such specialized orders are well-paid, because we consider technical and scientific editors as specialists.

Our customers expect to get their orders completed by a certain time. Therefore, the ability to organize the working process effectively and stick to a fixed deadline is required.

Being a competent user of MS Office and having good research-making skills are also of top priority. A successful candidate has to know the rules of text formatting and be able to conduct competent research using the Internet.

Editor and Proofreader – What’s the Difference?

Correcting grammar and style is a basic responsibility for both editors and proofreaders.

However, responsibility for structure, logical sequence of facts, coherence of ideas, and credibility of sources is part of an editor’s job.

So, even if the requirements for positions of an editor and proofreader seem to be very much alike, this vacancy will definitely suit more those candidates who consider working with the texts as a highly creative process and are willing to provide improvements to content as well.

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