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There are lots of people who have an eagle eye for noticing mistakes in writing. They easily find things to correct and have better suggestions for word choice. These people know which writing style is suitable for a particular area. It is no difficulty for them to change the structure of an article and make it logically built. However, not all of them know how to make the best of their skills.

Quite often, you can come across job advertisements where companies try to find an editor. Usually, they sound like: “A writing company is looking for competent editors for hire” or “Ready to hire an editor with no experience.” This means companies are always in need of editors of various skill levels.

Jobs in freelance editing and freelance academic editing are popular with many specialists because they are beneficial in many ways: although you edit articles and deliver the completed orders on time, you define the rest of the working conditions yourself. You settle your working environment the way you want, choose the time when you are the most productive, and vary the amount of work you do.

Get a job as a freelance editor. Make use of your skills. Editing texts is a simple way to enjoy the working process and get a regular income.

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A well-written text always produces a positive impression. It persuades and evokes a true interest in the topic. It raises the chances to get favorable feedback from the reader. On the contrary, low-quality writing creates certain barriers in perceiving the subject matter of the text.

Our company provides editing services. Our editors improve the quality of the orders we get to make content solid and correct. How do they do that? They proofread articles, documents, essays, research papers, business letters, resumes, etc. While correcting various mistakes (grammar, spelling, style, and formatting), they follow all English language editing requirements with precision. As a result, our customers get high-quality content and easily reach their targets in business, studies, traveling, and hobbies.

What qualifications you need to become an editor

If you have a degree in editing, that will be a significant bonus to your candidacy. If not, don’t give up! At the list of requirements is objective, so that various job seekers can fit it.

We expect from candidates:

  • Advanced written English
  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics/Translation/Writing/Editing/Journalism
  • Accuracy in sticking to deadlines
  • Self-motivation

Get benefits as a freelance editor at

So, what benefits do you get as an editor? The advantages we offer will help you enjoy this career opportunity, as well as manage your time and effort wisely.

At we currently have the position of freelance content editor open. It can fit both experienced editors and newbies. As part of our team, you will get:

  • free training course
  • a wide choice of topics
  • flexible working hours
  • sufficient experience in text editing
  • regular payment twice a month

With us, you can specialize in one of the following areas: freelance academic editor, freelance technical editor, or literary editor.

Consider the advantages of the following vacancy and send us your CV.

Want to get more knowledge in text editing? Take a free training course

Can’t boast of having enough competence and practical experience in editing? Still willing to do the job no matter what? Cheer up! We have a great solution for everyone who wants to try freelance editing. Before you start working on orders, take our free training course. It lasts for two weeks and provides the essential information in the following areas:

  • grammatical and spelling corrections
  • formatting
  • structure
  • style and tone

Increase your competence and become an efficient editor. Learn and practice. Use this opportunity and get down to work!

So, if you want to become an expert in editing, join our team. Get enough experience in working with content. We hope that our company is a suitable response to your search.

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