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If you Google search: ‘vacancies for a proofreader’, you'll surely get plenty of options from which to choose. But what we offer is different from all the rest. We suggest that you also use your skills in the field of editing. In fact, proofreading and editing have much in common: dealing with texts, making corrections, following the rules of correct formatting and presenting ideas logically.

Working as an editor is a marvelous chance to hone your professional skills!

Working as a remote proofreader is the way to success and prosperity!

When searching for suitable job advertisements, you rarely find offers that fully satisfy your expectations. It's no wonder that you find some key factors dissatisfying: office location, limited topics, or low payment. We factor all of these elements in to our policies to make a truly favorable offer.

Choose cooperation with our company and enjoy numerous benefits! Work on your own schedule, polish your proofreading skills, and grow your income day by day!

Remote proofreader is a great position for modern and creative specialists...

Determined to try your skills at proofreading English texts? Get a great offer today!

Our requirements are the following:

  • Advanced English writing skills.
  • A degree in Linguistics/Translation/International Economics.
  • Knowledge of the rules of text formatting.
  • The ability to arrange text paragraphs in a logical order.
  • Being a hard-working, responsible and diligent person.

Get the job with flexible working hours and competitive payment!

One solid advantage that you get from our company is the chance to work during the hours that you find most convenient for you. Additionally, you can vary the amount of orders you accept and complete. Use this chance to be a modern and successful specialist working on your own.

Start by registering on our website. Send us scanned copies of documents that validate your personal qualifications. Include your phone number to make it easier for us to get in touch with you.

Take the next step: run one week of free tuition. Find out the whole set of rules for effective editing and proofreading. Your personal supervisor will instruct you how to use the editor’s cabinet on our website.

Want to show that you're ready for the challenge? Complete as many orders as you like! We don't place any limits on the number of completed orders. We offer bonuses for exceeding the average number of texts you're expected to edit. In general, every editor gets about 15-20 texts weekly, each assignment is 2-3 pages long. We make sure that getting orders is easy. So is completing them. Just get the text and add a few corrections – that’s it!

The price calculation for each text is provided on an individual basis. You'll find all the necessary information regarding our payment scale on our website.
Get your payment twice a month.

Be your own manager! Use a proven path to success!

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