Managing Editors Wanted

We are a team of professional editors, and we’re looking for senior managing editors (mentors) to work remotely with us. You may be the person with exactly the skills we need, and you can become a valuable asset to our team.

Our requirements:

  • Advanced level of written English
  • Previous experience in translation, editing, copywriting, or academic writing
  • Linguistics degree is not obligatory, but would be a plus
  • Attention to detail, responsibility, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Permanent internet connection
  • Being able to check updates at least twice a day and upon request
  • Probation period of 2 months to be passed

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Providing our writers with feedback and monitoring their performances
  • Managing the workload of writers
  • Editing orders and checking if they are done according to all the requirements
  • Helping our writers improve their writing in terms of grammar, style, and the requirements of academic writing
  • Working closely with every writer to assess his or her skills for further coaching
  • Encouraging writers to improve their skills and learn more about their field of expertise

We offer:

  • Flexible hours: work at least 5 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Freedom to manage your workload and prioritize your tasks
  • Being a part of a team of enthusiastic professionals who work on a creative project
  • A competitive salary based on the number of tasks completed

You receive:

  • An opportunity to develop leadership, managerial, and coaching skills
  • A possibility to discover the profession of managing editor in a successful company with creative projects
  • The ability to experience personal and professional growth on a regular basis with all the needed materials
  • Personal manager who will make your work more comfortable and less stressful

Managing Editor Salary

Your salary depends on the number of completed orders. During the high season, you can earn $750 a month on average, and up to $2000. Moreover, you get $50 once you pass the educational course and $100 if you pass the probation period.

Managing Editor Role

Editing and proofreading will be among your daily responsibilities. Being an advanced editor, you will be able to choose various kinds of content to work on: from simple blog posts and business letters to complicated academic papers.

Some of your responsibilities will be similar to the ones of a senior editor: you will have to provide feedback to every writer to help him or her improve certain aspects of writing he or she has trouble with. Moreover, you will help our writers resolve any issues and motivate them.

This job is a perfect opportunity to acquire managerial and editorial skills. You will be able to gain experience which will help you to be promoted to an editorial coordinator or even an editor-in-chief in the future. Ready to become a part of our team? Send us your CV.

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