Editor's Starter Kit

In order to make your start with JobsForEditors easier, we have prepared an Editor Starter Kit for you. The latter consists of a detailed Editing & Proofreading Guide, a professional Glossary, and a Digital Library with useful web-sources for you to consult every time you have difficulty with editing. These three components are aimed at a high goal: increasing the efficiency of the team you are going to be a part of.

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    Editing & Proofreading Guide

    Please, have a look at this detailed explanation of the stages of the editing procedure to be sure that we are on the same page. Read this guide before getting down to work to understand the scope of the editing we expect. Considering all the aspects mentioned in the guide in the course of editing will definitely help you meet the high quality standards we set for our editors.

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    As editors and writers have their own terminology, we decided to compose a glossary for newcomers. It will help you to become a member of the JobsForEditors community quicker, and do your job better. In this glossary, you will find the main issues you can have concerning a writer's text set out in clear and precise terminology.

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    Digital Library

    A regularly updated list of useful resources we gathered for people who write and edit. In addition to blogs with articles about tricky grammar rules, there are many publications of various reputable institutions on common language issues in the field of writing style, paper structure, and formatting.

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