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An editor's job requires constant learning about a variety of things, starting from the proper use of prepositions and finishing with rare text formats, new grammatical tendencies and stylistic peculiarities of technical manuals. The Internet offers an opportunity to access information about anything you want, including editing. Yet, not all publications are reliable and equally useful. It is no wonder that it is quite hard for a newcomer to navigate the flow of information the Internet offers to find the right source to consult. For our editors' convenience, we created a mini digital library to have all useful and reliable web sources listed in one place. So, when you face some difficulty while editing, refer to our digital library and most likely you will find the right source to address the issue at hand.

Name of the Source Source Published by Link
General writing tips on English Grammar and Essay Writing Univeristy of Iowa
How to Structure & Organize Your Paper: General Tips University of Washington
Strategies for Essay Writing Harvard College
Common Bugs in Writing: Things to avoid while writing and to correct while editing Columbia University in the City of New York
Language to Avoid in Academic Writing University of Wollongong
Academic & Professional Writing Tips University of Wisconsin - Madison
The Skidiot's Writing Guide Skidmore College
Grammar and Writing Tips Grammarly Blog
Common word combinations (upper-intermediate to advanced) Oxford Collocation Dictionary
Synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic phrases Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
Word Choice: Commonly Misused Words Columbia Law School
Word Choice Suggestions UNC College of Arts & Siences
Eliminating Wordiness Royal Military College of Canada
Eliminating Wordiness St. Cloud State University
Academic Phrase bank (useful phrases and transitions) University of Manchester
MLA, APA, Chicago Formatting Guides The Purdue Online Writing Lab
Punctuation Guide University of Sussex
Evaluating Information & Sources California State University

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