Second Online Webinar: “Pitfalls in Content Editing: How to Avoid Them?”

Pitfalls in Content Editing: How to Avoid Them?


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Date: 22 May 2019

Time: New York 10:00  London: 15:00 Delhi 19:30 Kiev: 17:00

Where: On our YouTube channel

Our speakers

Natalie Alice
JFE expert editor JFE senior recruiter


Webinar program:

1. Crack the client’s brief

Lost in the maze of the client’s instructions? Need a clue to read the secret code of the client’s brief? Seeking fool-proof solutions to satisfy self-contradictory requirements? Our speaker will take the challenge and outline the main problems you can encounter while trying to understand assignment guidelines.

2. Win the “content-against-guidelines” challenge

Okay, the assignment is ready. But does it really hit the spot? We will tell you what to look for to not waste time while editing an article that might end up in the dustbin.

3. Slay the macro-editing dragon

Once you eventually decide to edit the text, questions might begin to emerge like the heads of a multi-headed dragon: are the paragraphs in the right order? Is the data accurate? Is the referencing adequate? With us, you will resolve each question at a time and come out on top!


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