Part-Time Proofreader – Flexible Career Opportunity For Job Seekers

part time proofreading jobsWhy jobs like part-time proofreader attract us?

Want to cope with more things but spend less time? Today, the issue of flexibility comes into focus in almost every sphere; our personal life and career is no longer exception to that. To get the desired freedom while earning more, people search for new ways to optimize their time, combining various activities.

One of the easiest ways to achieve flexibility at work is to take a freelance job. And part-time proofreader seems like a perfect option for that.

Usually, as a remote proofreader, you are self-employed. This means you create the working environment, set up a schedule, and build business links with clients and partners. In other words, you make the work comfortable. Another huge advantage of this opportunity is that it requires neither many resources, nor much effort. All you need is a laptop and some free time. What is more, you can combine this job with other activities and get a fair income.

What advantages do you get as a remote proofreader?

As we’ve already mentioned above, proofreading at home has numerous benefits, particularly:

  • You join a large community of experts. Communicate with them to grow your competence in this area. Many of them will gladly give you prompt advice and share their knowledge with you.
  • You stay flexible. Choose the working hours that suit you most, regardless of time zone and place.
  • You get competitive payment. Some companies offer wages that exceed average hourly rates.

These are just basic advantages of such a career opportunity, with more to come when you choose this path.

What do you need to become a proofreader online?

The main idea of proofreading is to find mistakes while you read text. So, even a person without any specific education in this area can do it. You may be among those who search for online proofreading jobs having no experience. It may come as a surprise, but many companies are ready to offer a job to specialists with no experience in proofreading. So, if you are “an eagle eye,” just go for it!

On the other hand, even after you are lucky enough to get the job, use every opportunity to gain as many skills and qualifications as you can. This will help develop your own style and, thus, stand out from the crowd.

Consider a wide range of online and in-person courses for proofreaders. Mostly, they are crafted for different proficiency levels, starting with beginners and up to advanced proofreaders. After completing one of them, you will either get the basic knowledge about proofreading, or master your existing skills and improve your competence.

Proofreading at home – creative and lucrative segment

Job offers for proofreaders make 5.3% of all career opportunities. As you can see, it’s a considerable part of the editor and copywriter markets. Therefore, if you decide to join a proofreader community, you will be able not only to stay on the cutting edge and sharpen your skills, but also get an opportunity to reach the maximum efficiency and keep the work-rest balance.

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