Essay Editing Jobs as an Occupation for Freedom-Loving People

essay writing jobsOne of the benefits of essay editing jobs nowadays is that a person engaged in it is not bound to a specific workplace. Have you noticed how greatly values shifted throughout the recent decades? By the end of 1990s, success was closely associated with possessing a car, a house, two children and a dog, and stable annual income allowing to pay for all this. Today, this image is often associated with a boring, measured life, and the focus of public acknowledgement has shifted towards creative and free individuals able to wander around the world, freelancing to make a living. Or at least such an image is cultivated by the media and all kinds of communities propagating the “do what you love” lifestyle. Anyways, essay editing jobs are in the list of those which allow people to not just work remotely, but also enjoy a greater amount of personal freedom in many other spheres of life.

Benefits of Freelance Academic Writing

Well, let’s start with the most important thing. The payment of an academic writer is similar to the one received by a freelance editor and ranges from $5 to $15 per page, which is quite a sum.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of a freelance writer’s job and its differences from the 9 to 5 office work.

  • Obviously, freelance academic editing does not require you to sit in an office for the whole working day. Indeed, why would you need to do that if the only tool you need for successfully performing your job as an essay editor is a laptop with a stable wifi connection? Perhaps the only obstacle might be the difference between time zones–for example, if you decided to change your surrounding and travelled to China or elsewhere, and the majority of your orders you get are from western countries. In this case, you definitely should consider the time difference in order to submit your work in time; otherwise, there are no serious factors that might prevent you from working remotely.
  • An essay editor always has specific job requirements: usually, he or she has a daily amount of texts which must be proofread and edited in correspondence to all the requirements specified by a customer. Working on essay editing jobs, you will almost never find yourself in the situation when your boss wants you to do a job that is beyond your duties, or when your task is vague and you don’t know how to complete it. An essay editor’s work is always manageable, and responsibilities are specified and clear.
  • Essay editing jobs are important. The academic environment is rather demanding in terms of the quality of papers submitted by students, so by editing them, you not only help young people deal with their assignments, but also contribute to increasing the overall quality of research conducted by students. When comparing their initial paper to the one you have edited, students can notice the mistakes they have made, learn how to format texts properly, and know what to pay attention to next time they write a paper.
  • Completing essay tasks is never boring. Surely, you do approximately the same: get a paper to edit, proofread it for mistakes, then read through it again in order to detect grammar, stylistic, and other mistakes, and so on. But what makes it more interesting is the variety of topics. You learn something new every day, and switching between different subjects lets you feel like you are doing something new as well.