Ultimate Proofreading Checklist to Make Copy Spark

Ultimate proofreading checklistHowever simple it may seem, proofreading texts is not about checking grammar and spelling only. The common knowledge about the rules of writing is not enough to do this job well. Proofreading is a challenge. So, one has to be skillful and knowledgeable to take it on. Furthermore, a good proofreader is like a perfectionist who’s looking for the best outcomes, not ordinary ones.

Yet, the sky’s the limit, and even those with an eagle eye may need an expert piece of advice to increase their efficiency. That’s why we have compiled a list of pro tips that will help you streamline proofreading.

Essential proofreading tips to polish content

A quick search may confuse you with the number of checklists available. Despite such a variety, there are some must-have options, like headlines, tone, readability, grammar, proofreading, and spell checking. Let’s consider these in detail.

  • Headlines. Ensure they are punchy enough to make readers enthusiastic. Choose catchy phrases.
  • Tone. The properly chosen tone of the copy is likely to attract more people to your message. Define whether it has to be a serious, businesslike, neutral, or a friendly one. Stick to the stylistic features of the tone you have selected and revise the text according to them.
  • Readability. The secret of every good copy lies in its simplicity. Therefore, the text has to be easy to read. Forget about long sentences and complex syntactic constructions. The simpler the text is to read, the better.
  • Consistency. Every copy has to follow a clear structure. If you notice that some connections between ideas are missing, just add them to the text. It will make the content well-structured and its main idea won’t get lost.
  • Grammar proofreading and spell checking. Even a skilled proofreader can make a grammar or spelling slip up by chance. Brush up the content of the copy with the help of specially designed resources for checking grammar (e.g. Grammarly etc.) It won’t take much time, but you will know for sure that your article contains no mistakes.

Craft your own proofreading checklist

Well, practice makes perfect, so in a while you’ll be able not just to follow the above-mentioned tips, but expand the list with your own ideas. Use such short guidelines every time you have to proofread a new article. Make it your usual practice and watch the outcomes become better with every new article you proofread. In other words, skillful writing and professional proofreading will resonate with your audience.

To sum up, keeping those proofreading tips in mind will help you improve your skills, as well as enhance the text you work with. If you want to get more useful information for editors, check out our new “Ultimate proofreading checklist“.