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Get a Job as a Writing Editor

There's a great amount of specialists who like working with texts and do it quite well. But sometimes they feel uncertain about which field to choose. Translation, writing, and copywriting are popular options. The following jobs need a high level of writing skills and specific knowledge of how to make a text sound good.

Along with these career opportunities, you also come across advertisements for writer editor jobs. The editing service is currently looking for an online writing editor to work with custom content. If you are good at finding mistakes and making content look better, why not make it your profession? Try freelance editing. It’s a good way to escape the office routine.

Dare to use your skills in the best possible way—get a job as a writing editor. This career opportunity unites two favourable options at once: a flexible schedule and fair payment.

What do we do? How can we help our customers?

Many customers know the subject matter quite well and their ideas sound rather solid. However, they often have problems with expressing concepts in a written way. Besides, not everyone knows English well, but stays in contact with business partners, colleagues, pen pals, or simply studies in an English-speaking country.

Our service helps with different kinds of writing problems. We edit English content, polish grammar, and select appropriate formats for different kinds of texts. Such a complex approach makes us universal.

Is freelance editing the right option for you?

What do you expect from freelance editing? It can be hard to find the answer, especially if you have never dealt with editing before. When you want to start a new job, it’s natural to feel a bit hesitant about the offer. However, when you consider the advantages a new position might offer, your hesitation is likely to disappear. As an online editor writing expert, you can get these benefits:

  • Effective time management. Not everyone wants to work full time. Specialists in writing and editing are not an exception and want to decide when exactly they want to work to do it effectively. That’s why being a freelance writer and editor is a perfect position if you share the same opinion. Working as a text editor is a good way to optimize the working process. Want to earn more? Complete more orders. Think that you’ve done enough work? Take a break and have some rest.
  • Wide choice of topics. It may happen that you like editing texts on psychology, but the company you work for offers you only material about traveling or computer science. With our editing service, you can select areas for text editing. And believe me, they are numerous! So, your choice won’t be limited to one or two options.
  • A training course in editing. Do you lack competence in editing, but are willing to learn and practice? Fabulous! Take a practical training course that we offer. Get enough practical and theoretical competence for text editing. Within two weeks, you can learn to edit texts properly.
  • Manage your workload. Being a freelance editor of our company, you can complete as many orders as is appropriate for you. This option specially suits those specialists who are busy with other full-time jobs or studies.
  • Payment twice a month. We provide payment to our editors every two weeks of their work. Get a regular income for your skills and knowledge.

So, at our company you can be an academic editor, as well as a technical or literary editor. No matter what kind of writing you choose to edit, you will get sufficient experience in editing, improve your skills, and learn from professional editors.

Will your candidacy suit us?

Want to become a part of and share your skills with us? You will be a suitable editor for writing orders if you have:

  • a degree in Linguistics/Translation/Writing/English/Editing/Journalism
  • advanced written English skills
  • grammatical and punctuation accuracy
  • confidence
  • self-motivation

Looking for a change in your career? Want to get more experience in text editing? Make a new start in your career—consider this option and become a part of our well-trained team of editors.

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