C programming jobs you might be interested in as a beginner in Johor Bahru

Looking for C programming jobs online? Pay attention to our vacancy, where you can deal with the most straightforward academic assignments and get paid for them! There are lots of jobs in C programming, but this one will fit even those candidates who don’t have much experience yet. We’re ready to become the first line in your professional CV! Read the qualifications and requirements below to understand if we match each other.


Job responsibilities of the C developers we’re looking for

We’re expecting you to deal with tasks that are similar to the other C programming jobs from home:

  • Completing the C programming academic tasks for Windows- and Linux-based clients.
  • Dealing with popular C frameworks that are included in the academic program of modern students.
  • Correcting errors and commenting on the code you’re writing in C.
  • Debugging and testing all the updates you make, like at any other C developer jobs.
  • Editing according to the revision sessions with clients.

Requirements we have for C specialists

  • High level of written English.
  • Technical task reading and comprehension skills.
  • Being available for the completion of at least 5 orders a month.
  • A college degree in CS, a C coding course, or relevant certification will be a huge plus.
  • 6+ months of C practical application is preferable.

C developer role description

We hire C developer to make our customers better programmers while they are still learning to code. Our team is looking for a person who’ll be able to deal with students’ requests in a professional and creative manner, as we expect them to achieve new knowledge and learn skills. You’ll have a chance to select tasks for yourself and do them at your own pace within the deadlines. That’s why your own level of C skills and knowledge will rise as well; we expect you to grow as a programmer with our team.

C developer salary you can expect

Our rates are comparable to the c developer salary. For one task you complete successfully, you can expect to get from $20 to $160, depending on the complexity and urgency of the task. What differentiates our work from other remote C programming jobs is that our requests have a visible trend of seasonal activity. Thus, it’ll affect your payments that may start from $300/month during the low season and rise over $1200/month during the high season.

Benefits of working as a C expert with our company

  • A flexible working schedule. It’s always up to you how many tasks you can handle this month and how you plan your working time.
  • New orders arrive 24/7, and you can take them right away.
  • A bonus of $150 will be available twice a year.
  • Enjoy the support via the personal Slack channel.
  • Practice C language at the pace and complexity level you choose, and get even more experienced at it!

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