C# jobs for beginners: C# developer in Jakarta

Hello, our company offers entry-level C# programming jobs for anyone looking for opportunities to become more experienced in C#. Your role is to complete academic-level assignments related to programming. We also require good written English skills for our remote C# programming jobs, as you might get practical tasks as well as theoretical writing tasks.


Main requirements we have for C# specialists

  • Advanced English.
  • High-level analytical skills for understanding tasks related to C# programming jobs.
  • Enough time to deal with 5+ orders per month.
  • A college degree in a STEM-related field or CS, coding training camps, or other relevant certification.
  • 6+ months of on-hands experience with C# is optional.

Job responsibilities for C# developers

What we ask you to do is quite typical for entry-level C# developer jobs:

  • Be able to deal with tasks for Windows and Linux using C#.
  • Perform academic tasks for creating parts or whole mobile, and desktop apps or assignments connected to cloud-based services, complex websites, corporate software, or games.
  • Debug the C# code created by other developers.
  • Test the programs or parts of code created by other developers or your own following the revision request.

C# developer role

We want to hire C# developer to help our clients deal with different tasks they might get during their programming courses. It’s an opportunity for young programmers to master traditional skills and get the first lines in their CVs. This vacancy doesn’t differ much from other C# programming jobs from home: you’ll see the list of available tasks in our system, choose the ones you like, complete them, do some edits, if needed, and get paid for your work. We’re looking for beginners in programming who want to improve their skills without stress and earn money.

C# developer salary at our team

We offer a competitive C sharp developer salary. Depending on the complexity of the task, you can get $20-$160 per assignment. It’s not bad for a freelance C# developer hourly rate! And if you’re pretty good at solving academic problems, you can earn fine enough daily without pushing yourself too hard. We’re not limiting you anyhow, but some seasonal peculiarities can affect your income. The low season can bring you $300/month, and you can expect $1200+/month in the high season.

Benefits of working as a C# expert with us

  • All our C# developer jobs—remote.
  • Flexible working hours allow you to work comfortably. Select the number of tasks you can handle and complete them within realistic deadlines.
  • New orders are available 24/7.
  • Regular seasonal bonus ($150) twice a year.
  • Group support from other developers via our Slack channel.
  • An opportunity to work controlling the incoming tasks, choosing the level of complexity, and mastering your programming skills in C#.

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