JavaScript jobs for freelance programmers in Philippines

We are searching for English-speaking experts to join our team of JavaScript developers! This opening is perfect for junior programmers willing to work part-time.


Requirements for candidates

  • Advanced level of written English;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Ability to complete at least 10 orders per month;
  • Education: a college degree in computer science, coding bootcamp, or relevant certification is a plus;
  • At least 6 months of experience in entry-level JavaScript developer jobs would be preferred.

Qualifications (Job responsibilities) of a JavaScript developer

  • Within our full-stack JavaScript developer jobs, we require you to work on tasks that involve using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks such as JQuery.
  • Work on academic tasks that require basic experience in using modern frameworks like React, Backbone, or Ruby.
  • Providing solutions that require writing, modification, and debugging web applications using Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Debugging and optimization of code in academic tasks.
  • Unit/integration testing typical for entry-level JavaScript jobs.

Your JavaScript developer role in our team

In our freelance JavaScript jobs, programmers work on solving tech-related academic tasks. We offer a flexible schedule, and you can take a workload that is comfortable for you (not less than 10 orders per month). Our remote JavaScript jobs will help you gain more practical experience in programming and learn to work with all sorts of tasks and instructions students come across in computer science departments. Want to upgrade your coding skills to a new level? Our junior JavaScript developer jobs will provide you with tasks that will enable you to grow professionally.

JavaScript developer salary you can earn in our company

Our competitive JavaScript jobs salary typically ranges from $8 to $160 per task, and it depends on the complexity of the order you are working on. We timely issue a monthly payment that may range from $300/month in low season up to (but not limited to) $1200/month in high season.

Benefits of our JavaScript jobs

  • Flexible schedule (freelancing). With our JavaScript coder jobs, you decide how many tasks you’d like to take and when you can do them.
  • New orders are available 24/7.
  • Seasonal bonuses (up to $150 twice a year).
  • Real-time chat support through a private Slack channel.
  • Exciting opportunities to use the technical, analytical, and creative skills that you expect to get from JavaScript freelance jobs.

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